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Central Massachusetts Family Photographer - A look at the seasons - Know when to book!

Professional Family Photographer in Boston, Waltham, Framingham and Nahant Serena Burroughs Photography LLC

Hello and a wonderful day to you, my dear reader!

Today I thought it would be a sweet idea to write a little about the different seasons we experience throughout the year and what this can mean for your portrait session.

Why not show you the beautiful Northeast during some of its most beautiful months? And who knows - perhaps you've been dying to get your family session booked, but are unsure about the when? Don't fret! I have sessions outdoors year-round, so I can show you around!

Family Sessions in specific, are held outdoors in Spring, Summer and Fall.

So let's go and have a look at the different backdrops and moods these seasons can offer to your family session!


In Spring we get blooms!

If you love a light and romantic touch, spring is for you! The greenery is coming back, the trees and azaleas burst with flowers for the pollinators. Punchy colors - or soft and tender looks can be achieved in spring, here in the northeast!

Got a magnolia in your yard or have a park near you with one? They flower mid to end of April. One of the very first blooms to greet us.

Tulips, Daffodils - Guess what, those also come back in April!

Forsythia for a bright cheerful yellow - Or azaleas for a range of different happy colors. They can all be such fun backdrops for a joyful spring portrait session.

Often we have these shrubs and trees in our yards as well, so if you're an avid gardener or have an established specimen on your property and you know the sun hits it just right in the mornings or evenings - tell me! We can move the session to your backyard and capture your family in a unique way that will mean even more to you!


Summer is for the tall grass, the ice cream outings, the meadows and the beach.

It'll be hot, but the evenings will be serene and warm enough for t-shirts and flowing dresses despite the setting sun. It's also for trips to the lake, swimming lessons and BBQs. For all things flowers and lavender and butterflies - you name it!

If you decide to book your family session in summer, I promise it will be just as beautiful and I will say the same thing about fall, but the looks differs a tad. We get different types of flowers and green leaves on our trees and more than just buds on those maples! So if spring didn't convince you - have a look at the summer months down below!


As we all probably know, the most popular season for portrait sessions here! For good reason - New England has foliage like no other area. I love this time period as well. It is veeeery busy, so if you are absolutely not going to budge and must have that fall session - inquiring early is key or the available dates will all be taken!

It's the time for s'mores, sweaters and all the cozy core vibes, am I right? Everything is a bit crisper, the air is refreshing and no longer humid. It is the time for layering your outfits and having fun! Here is a fall grid for you.


Now this is a time where Family portraits happen indoors only. For obvious reasons - no child is going to be able to suffer through the freezing temps we get up here, unless they wear a full on snowsuit. Which can certainly be cute and I'd be all for a pure documentary session of your kids sledding in the backyard - but be aware they won't have that same colorful look. For couples, winter can certainly be a good option as well. Snow is pretty, and there is a chance you can withstand the cold a bit better than children. Plus, we could bring hot cocoa and make it the cutest thing. But as with the other seasons, I'll let my images do the talking! Enjoy!

And that is it, my friends! I hope you really enjoyed it and I hope this can help you narrow down a time frame you truly love.

Maybe you have had a session in fall before and thought about switching it up, but weren't sure if it could work for you. I say anything works! These times of year are all incredibly beautiful and loaded with opportunity. They're just different - just like us.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments or simply reach out via email at I'd love to hear from you!

Have an amazing day!

xx Serena


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