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Locations Sessions - My Favorite Picks in Boston, Central and Western Massachusetts

Finding the perfect place for my Location Sessions get discussed at least a few times a week. And for good reason. A pretty location isn't always ideal for your family portrait session.

Serena Burroughs photography Massachusetts central western coast cape cod Boston family photographer

The date is set, the contracts signed and fees paid, leaving only one thing open: Where should we go? What is a good place for portraits?

I actually love this question because it is something I feel very confident about. Exploring new spots is a hobby of mine - something I do with my kids every chance we get, and well - since it is something I do my homework on all the time, I love showing off the options. Even if a client comes to me with a location in the contact form - I try to always check the place out before committing to it. So why is it so important?

maternity photographer Serena Burroughs Massachusetts

Because it comes down to a bunch of details. What makes a location work? Perhaps you have a spot you feel precious about. A place that makes you feel a certain way when you hike there, drive past it or photograph it with your iPhone as you pass it with your dog on a daily walk.

Does this mean it could be good for your family portraits?

No, not necessarily. I don't mean to pop your bubble here, but not every pretty spot is actually ideal to host your portrait session.

Can a photographer make it work? Maybe. A true professional should be able to make the funniest spots look good. But ideal may be something else, and keep in mind that if you require the same quality, colors and light as shown in the artist's portfolio, this may not be achieved in a very different location.

For example:

If the artist of your choice has bright and 'happy' colors, this may not be achieved under the canopy of a forest.

So let's go on and check out some of my favorite spots for portraits all over Massachusetts.


Meadows have some of the dreamiest tones.

The grass turns into cooler pastel greens once the sun disappears and I love the serene and calming effect it has in my portraiture. As you may have noticed in my work, I am a firm believer that less distractions in your portraits play a key role in my style. Therefore the serene and even background of rolling meadows work perfectly for me and my approach to portraiture.

Paired with a blue summer sky, it is such a soft scene best finished off with some people right in the middle. Meadows like the one in the video also allow for kids to be able to run and be themselves - we don't have to worry about cars, traffic or crowds here. We can be free, unbothered and catch so many

different angles and lighting scenarios in one evening - and all we need is a family or couple and a camera ready for action. Let nature do the rest.

Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs

Bodies of water can also have a serene and calming feeling to them. Are you noticing a trend here? Yes I like the calm, subtle and fresh colors of greens and blues. I also like the beauty of a low sun over water. It reflects; drop a rock into it and it makes these pretty ring shaped waves. It is proven to have a calming influence to just listen to the flow of water. That's why most gardens have ponds, or fountains and the like. It's science! *wink*

Serena Burroughs photography western Massachusetts family photographer
Quabbin Reservoir in Ware Massachusetts by Serena Burroughs Photography

How do these images make you feel? Don't you want to be there? They sure make me feel that way. What a great area to be photographed in. The simplicity of pastel colors and even light make this a dream location to me. So far I've shown you just Central Massachusetts. There is many more places. Let's see.

The Beach

Coastal Massachusetts is also a great place to be. Perhaps even my favorite as I don't work as much out here as I'd like. Every chance I get to come here, I am just in awe and in love. The East Coast reminds me of the North Sea in Germany - it's like a slice of home somehow.

Crane Beach, Nahant Beach and many more in the north-east, and of course Cape Cod to the South of Boston. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are also an utter dream. There are many many amazing backdrops to choose from. Why settle for less if you don't have to?

beach Nahant Massachusetts photographer family kite
Nahant Beach, Massachusetts by Serena Burroughs Photography

Massachusetts is full of beauty. Simple as that. So when you are getting yourself that family session one year, every year - whichever applies, why not make it even more memorable?

Plan a day at the beach, have pizza on a blanket, play in the sand, build a castle, cool off with your feet in the water and have a professional photographer worry about the composition and getting your kids tamed for a family portrait.

Best of all, it makes sure YOU are in the frame as well. With your people. Your partner, your children. Take the day, unwind and be documented having the time of your life.

Locations Matter. A LOT. They are the backdrop to your family's love and connection. These portraits will be revisited again and again, and I want to make sure that everything about your portraits feels high-end and well thought through. Which location speaks to you?


Serena Burroughs

of Serena Burroughs Photography LLC resides in Central Massachusetts and serves clients in her home state and cities such as Boston, Worcester, Natick and more.

To inquire about a session with her today, you may reach out below.


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