FAQs - Your Questions answered

How long does it take to get my gallery?

A fair turnaround time is always a priority to me. During off season you can expect a wait of two weeks and during the busier time, toward fall I would say no longer than 4 weeks.

Are you photographing same sex couples, non conventional families?

Of course! I am a firm believer that love is love. Families and Couples alike come in all shapes and sizes. No person should be held back or ridiculed for loving another human being, nor should a family be treated any different from the nuclear family with heterosexual parents. 

I have photographed same sex, and trans weddings in the past and would love to document more, so I may represent every person and help couples and individuals see themselves more often. Families of all make ups are just as important. Disabled, blended families - why even differentiate? 
Be it on social media or in an ad, or at a wedding expo: I believe it is important for everyone to be able to find themselves in my portfolio, and out in the world. Every single person matters. You & your loved ones deserve to be photographed well and treated the same exact way as all the 'mainstream' work.

Do you shoot film, too?
Absolutely! In fact film is my favorite medium. I'm fascinated by the dynamic range and beautiful colors. Taking pride in a timeless style, film is in fact the best choice for my work. It has already been tested by time and decades later, it's still in such demand and won't age poorly.

Do you still do wedding photography?
Yes, although I have scaled them back quite a bit. I prefer my main workload to be family portraiture. This however makes me appreciate the weddings I do photograph all the more, and I feel much more present this way. You may reach out for pricing and info here. The average investment is at about $4500.

Do you have backup equipment?

You bet! I usually bring along two full frame digital cameras (Nikon D750's), an array of lenses. I also own one medium format film camera and a bunch of 35mm film cameras. For sessions in which film is requested, I bring several cameras and lenses as well.

Once your wedding or family portrait session is all said and done, I will package up your film immediately and send it off the following business day so my film lab receives the order as soon as possible. Digitals get imported the same night and will be backed up to several hard drives for safety.

How long have you been a photographer?
Over 10 years! I have an extensive background in fashion and commercial photography and know my way around photoshop, and posing but also on how to create a safe and comfortable environment for my subjects so that emotional and meaningful moments can unfold naturally.

How far do you travel?
Currently I am serving New England or an overall radius of about 300 Miles of Central Massachusetts. I do not offer destination weddings at this point.

How can I learn more about your rates and availability?
That's easy! Just get in touch with me here. Ask away and feel free to ask me about scheduling a meeting or a phone call.


How much do people usually spend?

The average investment for a portrait session is $400 and the average wedding investment lies at $4,600. 


As the owner of Serena Burroughs Photography LLC,

I am proud to be an ally.

I have no tolerance for Hate, Racism, Homophobia & Xenophobia. 

Serena recently took our engagement photos and all I can say is WOW! They are absolutely astonishing! Something like this is completely foreign to my fiancé and I. Serena made us so comfortable with her amazing personality. We are excited to have her as a part of our big day and highly recommend her to anyone!

Karyn Gilbert, Client

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