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Why Maternity and Family Sessions Are More Important Than You May Realize - Worcester Photographer

Becoming a mother or father for the first time is the hardest thing ever, if you ask me. Personally none of it was as rosy as everyone around me made it seem.

And I can see how I can be guilty of spreading this idea too, that it's all bliss with all this beautiful imagery I show you. Imagery of families and their babies so utterly in love - but I probably don't have to tell you how hard it can be. If you're here, there is a pretty good chance that you're probably a parent yourself and know it all too well.

Professional Worcester Family Photographer Serena Burroughs

While it may be the hardest thing to do in a lifetime ... I think we can all agree it is the most fulfilling and rewarding feeling for parents at the same time. It's funny how life works that way, isn't it?

Our house hasn't been really clean in years, we don't know why we bother cooking because these kids don't eat it anyway - Cheetos on the floor? Apparently that passes as a delicacy! And the laundry. Oh my god the laundry.

All that and I haven't even mentioned the pressures of somehow raising mentally healthy and stable humans, while we often feel like our own sanity is hanging by a thin thread at best. Finding Balance? Is that even a real thing or something somebody with no children and a lot of free time made up?

But I am not here to remind you off all the dread that can come with Parenthood.

Despite the hard days and nights, the beauty of parenthood and our babies must be documented. It simply must.

I'm not saying you have to hire a professional to help you with that, simply that you better have that disposable ready, or your phone - because this time is crucial in both your baby's life but also your own, your partner's or anyone else's that is playing a vital role. Your village so to speak.

Worcester Family Photographer Serena Burroughs

So without wanting to distort the image of parenthood and what it is, because it is often anything BUT beautiful - I still want you to be able to look back and see yourself.

10 Years after your session you may be someone else, entirely. These sessions aren't to show unrealistic things, I can't photograph what isn't actually there. Portrait sessions are here to just show you. When you were younger. Maybe you were scared at the time, maybe you were naive or maybe just clueless about how amazing and rich your life would become. That to me is what maternity sessions are all about. It's a transition. A pivotal moment in your life. A moment in which you're confronted with all these new choices you have to make, and change. Relentless change.

One day you might look at an old photograph that fell out of a drawer or a brittle photo album and you'll find yourself sitting on the floor for a while just staring. Because you see a familiar face from a long time ago. Yours, your partner's. Before it all. Or maybe during. Your oldest doing that ridiculous face with his tongue out. Maybe he thought it made him look hilarious, but it used to annoy you because you thought it ruined the perfect shot. But you suddenly find yourself laughing because it was silly to think - then - that you should worry about perfection.

When your kids go off to college, I want you to have imagery of your time together. When you miss them, I want you to be able to seek refuge in well documented memories.

Worcester Family Photographer Serena Burroughs

And that my friends is the power of photography. As a photographer I am fully aware of the imagery I am creating. If I let your kids be crazy and you feel like rolling your eyes, because you saw this mess coming - relax. There is a bigger picture here. You'll see it one day, too.

Have those phones out, the disposable plastic cameras, or hire that professional - this is something that will not loose value, but become more precious with every passing year.

No matter which route you choose, this will be one of the most sound investments you'll ever make.

Hope you enjoyed this read.

xx Serena


Worcester Family Photographer Serena Burroughs

Serena Burroughs

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