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Worcester Family Photography - Leaving Room For Personality Shots

Family Portrait Sessions - if you ask me - should always include a few moments that feel like YOU

Do you have a family session coming up? Or are you planning on having one, soon?

You're probably wondering all the things. Will you get the perfect family photo, that you're hoping for? Will the photographer do a great job? Who even is the perfect photographer for you?

(If you're looking for the perfect photographer here are some tips on finding the right one for you)

But regardless of you you go with, I think there should always be some time for those personality shots.

While my sessions are what I call loosely structured I always make sure we are left with time in which your children can run around, pick some flowers ... and most importantly be themselves.

Worcester Family Photographer SERENA BURROUGHS

Why these shots are important? Well, to me anyway ...

Our children are little only once. As cliché as that sounds, it's true and something we cannot change no matter how hard we try. Time marches on.

But at the same time that is exactly what makes these evolving personalities of our little people so special.

As a mother this is something I want to immortalize for myself. I love a great family portrait where everyone stands together and smiles. But the photos where my kids 'act out' will often be my favorite. When the photographer takes time to get to know the kids, and captures them being themselves, when all expectations are dialed down ... that's when the magic happens.

My Favorite Goofy Things Include

  1. Sly Smiles

  2. Trademark Grimace only your child knows how to do

  3. Weird Dance Moves

  4. Shyness

  5. Sticking out tongues

  6. Making me chase them (makes for the best laughter!)

  7. When they tell me about their favorite things in the world (eyes light up!)

  8. Picking up rocks/flowers/weeds

  9. When they pretend to be an animal

  10. Show me something unique they can do

Want to capture your children's personality at your next session?

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Serena Burroughs

of Serena Burroughs Photography LLC resides in Central Massachusetts and serves clients in her home state and beyond.

To inquire about a session with her today, you may reach out below.


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