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Worcester Family Photographer - What To Wear To Your Studio Session

Coordinating colors and patterns isn't always easy. And so, coordinating a whole family can quickly become a challenge. But don't you worry, it's probably simpler as you think.

In fact, we want to make things so simple - you never have to think hard and stress about your session. And if you ask me, the simpler the outfits - the better the results, anyway!

Worcester Massachusetts Newborn Studio Photographer Serena Burroughs

Think Simple, Minimalistic

After having seen everything in front of my lens over the last 10 years, and working in studios in Boston, Worcester, Springfield ... I've learned that it doesn't matter as much about where you are, or what you're wearing. For location shoots I do things slightly different, but for studio work there is one thing and can't stress it enough: Less is more.

No, I don't mean come in a bikini!

But less color, less patterns, less "noise" is usually better.

What I love about my style is that it's really about the people in front of the camera, It's never about the clothes, or the location.

Worcester Massachusetts Newborn Studio Photographer Serena Burroughs

Sure, for location shoots I get picky, too - but for the same reasons. Overly busy backgrounds, just don't make for the best portraits.

My minimalistic approach helps keep distractions at bay, making sure we truly capture you in your essence, just the way you and your family are. And just the way you want to remember this time in your life.

I am a firm believer, that without too many things in the frame - you'll truly get to appreciate the hazel eyes your little one has. Your eyes will go straight to the tiny black curl your baby was born with, rather than to the neon pink pattern of unicorns on the swaddle blanket.

And the best part about this approach: It all causes way less stress to plan and prepare for your session!

Worcester Massachusetts Newborn Studio Photographer Serena Burroughs

Neutral Colors

A really great way to keep things simple as mentioned above, is to keep tones neutral.

Choose a more neutral color and coordinate from there.

Dad has a favorite navy-blue button down shirt? Great! You could wear something similar, in perhaps a slightly different shade of blue. And baby will POP in a white onesie or just a diaper. And if you got a cute, well-fitting outfit for baby that just goes along with it all, your job is done! We will most likely not be able to shoot more than 2 outfits, so a onesie and a favorite outfit will do perfect. Then toward the end we can undress your little one - bonus points if you have a diaper cover - and get those cute rolls the picture-time they deserve!

And lastly: When in doubt - bring some options to the studio! I am more than happy to help you make an educated decision.

Worcester Massachusetts Newborn Studio Photographer Serena Burroughs

My Last Tip: It's About YOU

Don't forget it's not about Instagram, or Facebook. Show up being yourself. Let go of unhealthy influences or unrealistic expectations that you may have for yourself and your session. In the end, I want my clients to cherish their time and memories in its purest form. Your family portrait should be cherished for what it is. Documentation of your life.

Don't forget that when all is said and done, these photos are for YOU. How you dress is ultimately your choice. These are your memories and it only really matters what YOU like.

Worcester Massachusetts Newborn Studio Photographer Serena Burroughs

Take what you read with a grain of salt. A lot of what I write here is about my day to day workflow and style. If you really want to wear a bright red: Do it. It'll still work. It won't look like 90% of my portfolio, but if it's ultimately part of your character to wear loud and bright colors, if your home decor reflects this, and you're perhaps the eclectic type - I will not urge you to reconsider your color choices. I would NEVER do that. In fact if this is the case, bringing your personality into this makes sense, because then your prints would work really well on your walls.


Worcester Massachusetts Newborn Studio Photographer Serena Burroughs

Serena Burroughs

of Serena Burroughs Photography LLC resides in Central Massachusetts and serves clients in her home state and cities such as Worcester and more.

To inquire about a session with her today, you may reach out below.


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