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Worcester Wedding Photographer - 5 Reasons to Schedule An Engagement Session


First of all if you are reading this and currently engaged: Congratulations!

And of course welcome to the blog.

Couple and Engagement Photographer Serena Burroughs  in Worcester Massachusetts

The reason you're here is probably this: You don't get married every day and naturally have questions on how one even plans a wedding. What goes into planning everything? And not to sound discouraging, but list is loooong. It starts somewhere with picking your date, making lists of venues and narrowing them down by visiting a handful of them. Continues with your dress, the bridesmaids and their dresses, favors, bachelorette and bachelor parties, picking out your flowers, your decor ... I could go on forever. And if you don't have a planner to navigate everything, things can get overwhelming fast. My goal here is not to make you uneasy, however.

I want to help you in determining if an engagement session is for you. And I truly

believe that the answer is always: Yes, yes it is for you. To tell you why, I have put together 5 reasons why engagement sessions are more than just something fun to post on Instagram or Facebook. They are actually pretty important for your wedding planning as well and matter.

So let's get started with 5 reasons why scheduling an engagement session should be on your list of things to do when you plan your wedding.

Wedding Photography in Worcester Massachusetts by Serena Burroughs

1) You Will Get To Know Your Photographer

Choose your photographer wisely. This goes without saying of course. But when you have found the photographer of your dreams, but are still on the fence of whether you should book them for your big day or not, an engagement session could be the answer.

As a photographer I love jumping into my clients shoes and step in front of that camera myself from time to time. And I know what it feels like to have a camera in your face. You don't always act natural and that is normal. You see, we are not supermodels and therefore not used to this kind of attention. Posing can be hard when you can't look into a mirror to check what you look like.

Is it too much? Not enough? Am I doing this right? I hope this person knows what they're doing ...

You really don't want those thoughts while you are posing for your wedding photos.

You are at complete mercy of your photographer and have to be able to trust the person behind the camera to make yourself look your absolute best.

We know our favorite angles by heart, but a complete stranger? Engagement sessions are the perfect way to test out a photographer without committing to the whole wedding right away. Get to know them, see how they tick and if you feel in your gut that the chemistry is there, they have great attention to detail and deliver stellar work ... Then you can rest easy on the day of your wedding. You don't want to suddenly second guess the person taking your wedding photos, just because you've never met them before and haven't seen them work before.

2) Save The Date Cards Yeeees. What better way to announce the day of your life, than with an amazing invitation suite that includes your engagement photos? A selfie won't compare and professional portraits will stick out and take your invitations to the next level.

3) Don't Just Test The Photographer: Test Hair And Make Up, Too You heard that right. My number one tip to everyone getting their photos taken with me, is the following:

Book your make up and hair trials that very same day.

Get pampered and get to know your hair stylist and make up artist before your wedding day. Chances are you would have gotten your trial before the wedding anyway, but why not put professional work ... to work?

You will look fabulous for your engagement photos.

What better way to get a little confidence boost? Getting your trial the same day may even allow you to relax on the day of your wedding. You will be sure of your artists skillset and can just sit back.

Professional Wedding Photographer in Central Massachusetts by Serena Burroughs

4) Eliminate Possible Stage Fright Again, we aren't models. And most likely not posing professionals. Your photographer will guide you and direct to make sure you look your best and look natural, but booking an engagement session can take that 'stage fright' from you and help you get comfortable with posing for the camera.

Another bonus for your wedding day. You will already know what to expect and can let go of any tension. Something that will certainly reflect in your portraits with your new partner for life. 5) "Non-Wedding Photos" And Enjoying Being Engaged The time of engagement is fleeting and goes by fast, especially when you plan the wedding yourself.

I think it is important to take the time together and acknowledge the time of change and transition. You are to become a married couple. Why not celebrate the bond between you two in non-wedding attire. Enjoy yourselves, express yourselves during your session and perhaps go on a date after. After all you will be looking amazing and might as well get the most of your styled selves.


I hope this has been helpful and there was a thing or two you were able to learn from me.

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With love,


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