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Central Massachusetts Photographer - 10 Tips for Your Maternity Session


Let's say you're 20 weeks pregnant and have recently scheduled your session with me. That means your session is about 10 weeks away. That is a little over two months of time to prepare and find that perfect outfit, so you're winning right off the start! But what else goes into the session prep for pregnant mothers? Don't worry, I have ten great tips for you here, so you can get the absolute most out of your session.

So that actually gives a great hint as to what my first tip for you will be.

1) Book Your Session Early

With Maternity Sessions especially, we have to ensure we get you on the calendar at the right time. This means This would be around 30-33 weeks. I generally do not book anything past 36 weeks, because we don't want you to go into labor and miss your session! It can certainly happen. So to make sure that your ideal timeframe will work, reach out sooner to make sure we can reserve your spot.

 Central Massachusetts Maternity Photographer Serena Burroughs

2) Save Money - Bundle your Sessions

If you are not only doing your maternity session, but also a newborn session once your little one is here, you can save money by bundling sessions.

Clients that book both at once get a discount on their sitting fees. More on that here.

3) Bring Your Partner/Kids

I love when moms want to get pampered and have this milestone session done just for themselves, but for those that happen to get their maternity pictures done for a different reason: bring your love, bring your kids!

You can kill two birds with one stone here. Documentation of yourself AND your life with your partner before you become parents - or, if applicable: document the time of transition for your kid(s), too! If you already have children, this is such an important time for them, too!

4) Bring More Than One Outfit

Let's celebrate this time and have some fun! Bring a dress or two and maybe a casual outfit, such as a T-shirt and jeans! Having options is fun and having an outfit change, can transform the whole look and feel of your overall gallery!

This is perfect if you love to get dolled up, but also love to take things easy from time to time. Why decide on one when you can express both sides of you? I think it's a great way to capture someone's personality, so feel free to bring extra!

 Central Massachusetts Maternity Photographer Serena Burroughs

5) Avoid Overly Tight Things

By that I mean anything that could leave a mark on your skin. When you are expecting, your body is very likely to retain some water. So avoid things such as hair elastics on wrists, or if we are taking photos of your bare skin - anything that might leave indentions. Too tight jeans or belts etc. You get the idea.

6) If You Choose A Dress:

If you choose to wear beautiful dress(es) to your session, I have a few pointers as well.

Personally, dresses that fit overly loose aren't as good as something that would accentuate your belly more. If you pick something really loose, we just spend more time giving the fabric shape that it doesn't have and this can be tricky with a bump. We want to make sure the focus will be on your tummy, so don't be afraid to show it off with something more fitting.

7) Pamper Yourself

Make this the perfect experience to get pampered from start to finish. Your Date is booked and set in stone? This is a great opportunity to set up a hair and nail appointment, if that's your cup of tea! Maybe even splurge and get your make up done? Let professionals glam you up, and lean back!

 Central Massachusetts Maternity Photographer Serena Burroughs

8) Celebrate Your Body!

The human, female body is a work of art. It creates life and never ceases to amaze me. When baby is born, it can nourish a child with its milk, and every time I think I know a lot, Mother Nature finds a way to blow my mind again (hello breastfeeding).

That being said, semi-nude maternity photos are a great way to showcase just how amazing it is. We can use fabrics, tulle, sheer or transparent materials to photograph you artistically. Such a great way to remember this special time in your life while also celebrating the wonders of what your body is capable of!

9) Studio Or Location?

Of course you also need to decide whether you want your entire maternity session to take place in a studio. If you love the artistic look of studio photography, you can choose between Worcester, Springfield, Millville, and Boston. Although I highly recommend the space in Boston (Allston) or Millville over all other options. Feel free to ask me for pictures ahead of booking studio!

 Central Massachusetts Maternity Photographer Serena Burroughs

In case you will be around 30 weeks pregnant in the warmer months: You have sooo many locations to choose from. The sky is the limit!

Deciding on studio or location will also have a different in your sitting fee (as well as weekday vs. weekend dates), read up on this here.

10) Communicate With Your Photographer

Lastly, and I will always recommend this: If you have any concerns at all, doubts or questions - reach out to me!

I am here for you from start to finish. Communication is important to me because I want to ensure you have the best possible Maternity Session you could hope for.

You can always email me directly at this is offered to every booked client and highly encouraged to take advantage of.

Final Note:

Did you bundle your session with a newborn session already, or plan to? I have a similar post right here for you on how you can prepare for your newborn's first photoshoot!

Thanks so much for reading!


 Central Massachusetts Maternity Photographer Serena Burroughs

Serena Burroughs

of Serena Burroughs Photography LLC resides in Central Massachusetts and serves clients in her home state and beyond.

To inquire about a session with her today, you may reach out below.


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