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Whether you choose to go with single prints ordered from the gallery, an heirloom box to keep your portraits safe in style, or go for giant canvases to decorate your walls - don't let your images grow old to still be just digital files.


Your photos

aren't finished yet

With film as our medium - we develop the final image from a negative. And so I think a digital file is just that. A digital negative. The work in process so to speak.

It isn't actually done until you hold it in your hands. You can't hand around digital files while sitting around a table with family, revisiting. A screen can't convey what an actual physical, touchable memory can. It's priceless. And most of all these prints only grow in value. Give them ten, twenty years. You'll be so glad you didn't keep them on a hard drive.


"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" 

- Dr. Suess

Photo Books

 If you're the flipping-through kind of a person - there is always the option to choose hard cover photo books.
Have a special wish what you want your photo book to look like? No problem - Let's chat about it! 

Linen Boxes

Not into books? Or maybe you like to have options and want both? The Linen Heirloom boxes come in a wide variety. You get to choose from color combinations and can choose to imprint every box with the right title to keep things organized!

Are you a client of mine and would like to print your session even long after the fact? 

There just may be a folder in the archive with your name on it! Only one way to find out:

Serena recently took our engagement photos and all I can say is WOW! They are absolutely astonishing! Something like this is completely foreign to my fiancé and I. Serena made us so comfortable with her amazing personality. We are excited to have her as a part of our big day and highly recommend her to anyone!

Karyn Gilbert, Client

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