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You've inquired about a session - What's next?

Hi! I am Serena Burroughs, owner of Serena Burroughs Photography LLC located in central Massachusetts and a lifestyle photographer. I specialize in family lifestyle photography and recently decided to dish out some of that knowledge I have acquired after working in this industry for 10 years. If you don't want to miss out on future articles, please consider subscribing to the email list and get a notification when a new post hits the blog!

But for now, let's figure out what actually happens when you have reached out to me, and want to book your first session.

If you are still here, reading this, there is a great chance you are a first time customer, looking to book your family's first session ever. Or you're simply a first time customer at Serena Burroughs Photography. So what actually happens after you've sent an email and inquired about a session?

1. Hi, thank you for inquiring about a session!

First of all, I will reply and thank you for having taken the time to reach out to me. :-)

This can take up to 24 hours depending on whether or not I am off to work a wedding, a portrait session or am in general just a bit held up. Remember, I am a one person band over here, so if I don't reply within minutes I am probably just busy.

But! Every single email coming in, gets bumped up on the priority list. Which means: I see something hitting the inbox real time - I will answer immediately.

If I don't see it right away, the general rule applies. I always reply in the first 24.

2. We chat about ...

available dates, and ideal times. During this step we will narrow down a timeframe. A season, a month, a weekend or weekday, and lastly a time of day. I will most definitely recommend the blue or golden hour. Meaning either sunrise or sunset. (It's the best light for portraits, period)

Once we have your date set we go on to the next step.

3. You will receive your contract and proposal

Once the date and time is set, you will receive a contract.

Here you will need to fill in a few details such as your email address, phone number and other contact details. At the bottom of each contract is a signature field, where you can digitally sign and agree to the terms listed in the contract.

I don't want things to be too complicated - therefore everything will be handled in one fell swoop. Signed the contract? The next page immediately takes you to the payment section. There you will be able to pay your booking fee (50% of the session fee) and tadaaa - your session date and time is automatically transferred to my calendar and all set. No one else can take the slot from you and it is secured.

4. Now we discuss details, locations et cetera!

Your date and time is secured, now it is time to discuss the details!

What do you want to wear? Can you help me? Where should we do our session? I don't know of good locations!

Nooo worries. At this point the session is usually still a month or more out. Do you suddenly realize none of the outfits your family has, is what you'd like to wear? Ask me for tips! I am here for you to discuss outfits, dress or no dress and of course where we could hold your portrait session. For a travel fee we can also expand the radius and consider spots further out. But either way. The time leading up to your big day is for talking. Take advantage of communicating with your photographer and I guarantee you, we will leave nothing up to chance.

5. P.S. What happens if it rains?

Now this one is a little extra point, but I get this asked by 99% of my clients so I want to mention it here at the bottom. What happens if it rains on the day of our session?

No problem! We can reschedule. However this only happens the day of. Frankly I think we all know that the weather can change over the course of a week and meteorologists can't give guarantees - for that reason I will not reschedule a day before, but only on the exact date of the session. If there is a silly little rain cloud in the forecast I will reach out a few days before and give a little notice, but the decision will always be made on the day of the session. :-)

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