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  • Serena Burroughs

Thea's Family - An Extended Family Session

Family is where it's at.

2020 has reminded us of that, I think.

So much chaos, so much division ... But what it usually comes down to is the people around us, our children, our siblings, our parents ... our grandparents. We have to keep them all safe this year and act responsibly as much as we can. Avoiding large gatherings and remembering older generations and the vulnerable during this mess has brought many families closer together, and so when this extended family session came along this year, it made my heart sing. Watching grandparents love on their precious grandchildren will never bore me. It holds a special place in my heart, as my children are still separated from their grandparents in Germany. And as of now things are not getting any better.

This is work, yes ... But it is also so much more for me. As there is a greater divide than in a long time in the United States, it brings me great happiness and makes me feel whole again to photograph moments of unity and love. Moments of kindness, moments that are real and close to home. I hope everybody practices their right to vote today or already has! :-) But as for now, enjoy this session. I for one had such a wonderful time creating these visual snippets of this family's life.

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