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  • Serena Burroughs

Leominster Family Photographer - The Perko Family by Serena Burroughs

Today I want to share with you one of the amazing sessions I got to photograph in late 2020. Spring is just around the corner, I know the snow on the ground doesn't make it look or feel that way - but it is coming, soon! Pinky promise. :-) This means booking is starting back up for the beloved apple blossom sessions and the following summer goodness. While I adore winter and am not tired of it yet, I am so looking forward to seeing my favorite families again, and some new ones! The session of the Perko Family was magical. That September and October sun in incredible up here in the northeast. I can't quite tell what causes it, the sun that creeps closer to the horizon each day? Maybe? I don't know, but everything just glows a little bit more, doesn't it? The sunsets get punchy and colorful, yet the air certainly has become crisper in those evenings. Humidity is a thing of the past and it's just refreshing and exciting to be outside.

The evening I saw the Perko family was just like that. A bit chilly, but the sun still warmed us all as Mom and Dad chased their children around, explored with them and shared tender moments. The rest you can see in these photographs. Enjoy! :)

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