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  • Serena Burroughs

Leominster Family Photographer - The Palma Family in North Central Mass

Another beautiful family documented right in Leominster, Massachusetts. And want to know the coolest thing? The mother you see in this gallery is from Germany, just like me! The first session in a long time, where I had to direct in my mother language - and to be fair, also a bit of English. Bilingual families will never cease to amaze me, and I am also glad to see that my husband isn't the only one who hasn't mastered German. It's a hard language for sure, if you didn't grow up to be speaking it.

Not only was it a lot of fun just from the language aspect - they also have two of the cutest little boys that did so incredibly well in front of the camera.

Thank you for coming out this way for your session, and I am so glad we got to connect and get these memories captured.

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