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  • Serena Burroughs

Sturbridge Family Photographer - The Jones Family in South Central Massachusetts

A fall session in 2020. The last session from last year to hit the blog, as I already have lots of 2021 work to add. The Jones Family is dear to my heart as Lea Jones is one of my best friends and funnily enough a coworker, too! She is a fabulous photographer herself, one I admire so so much - so you can imagine how important it was to me to excel here. :-) My friend and colleague deserved my 110% and nothing less! You can check her out here if you want to learn more about her and her work.

I don't photograph a family with teenagers all to often, so this was going to be fun!

New, exciting - the best recipe when you want to push yourself.

Of course none of this would have been possible however if it wasn't for their fun chemistry and family dynamic. My job would've not been this successful if it wasn't for their loving connection and ability to have fun together. You are truly a lovely bunch and I can't thank you enough, Jones Family!

xx Serena

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