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  • Serena Burroughs

The Jepson Family - A Family Session in North Brookfield, Massachusetts

It is simply the best when clients come back over the years and you watch a little newborn, grow into a bigger baby, into a toddler and so on. Am I sentimental about this? Maybe. But maybe it just makes me understand the gravity of my job that much better. I'm not just making a living here, doing a job with x-amount of families ... I am documenting legacies here. This. Stuff. Is. So. Important. It's not only leaving me in awe over the role I get to play in peoples lives and over the course of it - but it is the biggest inspiration there is. The continuity - being able to watch people grow and change over the years, it's just mind-blowing and such a privilege to me. An inspiration to keep doing this until hopefully I'm old and gray one day. But enough about me and my feels, guys. Check out this amazing family that I just can't get enough of - The Jepson's!

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