• Serena Burroughs

The Importance of Personal Work

In an industry in which the expectations are dictated by what's instagrammable and could get you a lot of likes - when expectations are to create pretty things over real things, or simply to create things you personally aren't always on board with, but are being hired for ... It's easy to get yourself lost in a fog and unsure of what you want and where you want your brand to head.

Sometimes things get so busy, you are happy to just survive it. Yes, looking at you October!

But it is so, so important to just snap out of it sometimes, break some rules and go back to the basics. To how it all started. And for me personally, it was never wedding photography. What got me started was the thrill of the hunt. The hunt for a fantastic photo. One that could make you feel something when you looked at it. One that when you looked it, you almost feel the breeze that moved the subject's hair. An enchanting look. A detail you would've never seen a certain way had I never shown you.

Growing up I always had a sense for the magical, for the dark, for the light and for creation in its purest form. I used to draw, paint, you name it. Music would steer me, direct my mood and my pencils. When I exited puberty I found that I could create in yet a different way. With photography. What a dive down the rabbit hole it was, and I am still enjoying exploring! So when I feel like work is taking over and joy is falling short, and therefore the inspiration starts tanking ... nothing will get me out of the funk quicker than personal work. This session here was created with the wonderful Alexandria. She is no professional model, this is not any collaboration with an agency ... I simply got to know her through a friend of my husband's, and the moment I saw her, I kind of knew. That overwhelming amount of ideas flooded my head; I saw the sunset, the dead yet pretty October grass glistening and gently swaying in the breeze. I could see her pretty midnight curls framing her face and being a stark contrast to her fair skin. Those caramel eyes would reveal all their shades of orange, yellow and green in the evening light. So yeah, you bet I had to ask a near stranger to model for me!

Lucky me, she was actually on board. "Just a warning, I have never done any modeling before", she said. Yeah right. These came out INCREDIBLE. Little direction was needed. It's like she saw my vision all along and we were just two gals having fun, creating for the sake of creation.

Thank you again Al for being my muse!

I feel inspired again and hungry for more work just like this.

No deadlines, no one telling me what to do - simply having an idea, and trying to accomplish it together.

All images were taken on either Fuji 400h film or black and white Agfa APX 400. Cameras used were a Pentax 645n and a Nikon F100 + 58mm f/1.4G

All negatives were scanned on a Noritsu by Photovision.