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  • Serena Burroughs

The Gaines Family - An In-Home Lifestyle Family Session in MA

Winter is THE time for in-home lifestyle sessions and I am here for it! So I believe it is time to share a few on the blog, finally!

Nobody wants to stand in the cold, although snow is pretty - but let's face it, 3 minutes in and our kids would be crying. And thick winter coats aren't exactly easy to match at times and do not make for the cutest family outfits. Soooo what is there to do? I know! A session in your own home, in your comfort zone and the safest place your kids know. The place where they feel they can be 110% themselves. Sounds like this could be a great opportunity to document your children in a very unique and carefree way? You bet!

Presenting to you the Gaines Family, enjoy!

xx Serena

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