• Serena Burroughs

The Cheever Family - A Family Session in Central MA

Another beautiful family, documented right here in rural central Mass.

How I love these one of a kind memories of a growing family. I had the honor of documenting baby T. as a newborn and again a few months after. Even though I have two kids myself, I will never quit being in awe of how fast these littles can change. Suddenly not so sleepy anymore and so alert, facial features get more and more refined, seemingly a little more each day.

Getting the siblings in on the action is super important to me as well. So that one day they may look back and be reminded of their childhood and when they welcomed their baby brother into this world. And so that one day baby T. can see just how much he was loved from day 1.

Hope you enjoy this session, it sure made my day!

xx Serena