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  • Serena Burroughs

The Baker Family - In Home Session in Central Massachusetts

Another session from when it was still cold and dreary out - and there was just no way I could photograph a little baby out in nature. The Baker family recently welcomed their third sweet baby boy into their family and I was able to document a few snippets of this in a very documentary style. Honestly one of my favorite ways to photograph your life. In a more real way, for when you just don't feel like you want to get super polished for family portraits. Documentary photography created a lower pressure kind of atmosphere - where everyone can just be themselves and have their life documented in the way it would naturally take place. In the ways one would normally only see through someone's camera roll, because no one ever thinks to stop and say ... hey. I think this could be a great way to take our family photos. I can't stress this enough, these photos you will cherish forever. You will remember suddenly what your house used to look like, your daily wardrobe and just how much fun you had coloring with your little babes, and of course ... how crazy small they used to be. How your pets engaged in daily life with your children, how your son played with your hair to soothe himself... These moments just don't happen in a beautiful meadow. Are those pictures amazing? Yes of course, I shoot them all the time ... But there is something very tender and revealing about in-home lifestyle. Maybe you'll fall in love just like me :-) xx Serena

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