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Central Massachusetts Photographer - Covid-19: Playing it Safe at your Session

When 2022 began I felt excited for the new year, but unfortunately also a bit tired. Because 2022 marks the beginning of our third year amid the coronavirus pandemic. How sad is that?

I am sure there isn't a single person that isn't tired of it yet and just wishes and end to it, already.

But with Delta and now also with Omicron on the rise, it just doesn't look like things will change anytime soon. Which means I will continue to play things safe.

Central Massachusetts Family Photographer Serena Burroughs


Some of my clients are just a few days old. They do not have the luxury of a mature immune system to fall back on. Their bodies are still trying to get used to the world outside a womb and even without a pandemic - newborns should never be exposed to disease, if it can be avoided.


And when it comes to pre-existing conditions - many of my clients may have them. Many may not even be aware they have one. Anything from being overweight, to asthma or diabetes can put us at a higher risk of serious infection.

Since I am working more indoors during the colder months, and have people show up at studios or even at my home-office - below are some of the things I do to ensure the safety of my client families, and myself.


If you have been exposed to the coronavirus or you are experiencing symptoms - you must let me know.

Every contract has a clause that will let you reschedule, no questions asked. We will work it out - the priority is to keep everyone healthy. Remember your newborn may not be the only one I photograph that week.

A temperature check the day of your session is recommended. I for one, check my temperature before every single session and make sure I don't have any symptoms. To be on the safe side I test myself at home as well in case I have a headache before a session. I keep a surplus of tests at home at all times.

Central Massachusetts Newborn Photographer


During every session I will be wearing a mask and ask that everyone that isn't actively photographed wear one as well.

In case a client forgets to bring one, single use masks can of course be provided at my office or studio space at no extra cost.

Aside from wearing masks, I also try to keep my distance to clients as best as I can. Whenever I am not able to stay 6 feet away, I am making sure my KN95 mask covers my entire face and fits snug as a bug.


While I do not require clients to be vaccinated to be able to work with me, I do want to say at this point that vaccination has been proven to reduce the risk of serious infection and therefore reduces the chances of needing hospitalization.

Keeping valuable space in the ICU free and ensuring that everyone is able to receive the care they need. I am fully vaccinated, if you'd prefer to see proof you can certainly ask for it.

Central Massachusetts Newborn Photographer Serena Burroughs


I guarantee a clean studio space at all times. Door knobs, surfaces, cameras and everything a client may touch is being disinfected before and after every single session. Fabric items are being washed at a high temperature after every session.

Hand sanitizer is provided at the studio for both my own and my clients use.


I am a photographer, not a scientist.

I listen to the experts (CDC, WHO) when it comes to everything pandemic related and do not listen to social media rumors. The safety of my clients, my own family and myself is extremely important to me and therefore I follow the guidelines as best as I can.

You may visit the CDC's website here for more information about the coronavirus.


Central Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Serena Burroughs

of Serena Burroughs Photography LLC resides in Central Massachusetts and serves clients in her home state beyond.

To inquire about a session with her today, you may reach out below.

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