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  • Serena Burroughs

Baby C. - A Family and Newborn Session in Western MA

There are very few things that are more exciting than bringing home your baby. Or maybe there isn't anything more exciting. That is something that's completely up to you, but isn't it special? It is both scary, exciting, lovely, beautiful, anxiety causing and gosh.. who knows what else. Short: It is a roller coaster of emotions and experiences bound to happen. Mostly your baby will be a poop machine, wrecking 10 diapers on a good day and and leaving you sleep deprived. They don't have a personality yet, and are 100% dependent on you and it is exhausting! But in the mundane and the everyday ... in the routine, I find beauty. Sure, it's crazy and you might be saying "Beauty? Are you crazy, lady?" ... But what I mean by that is

the secure feeling of home. Of togetherness, growth and assurance that tomorrow will be another of those days. That you can find refuge in that. I don't take that for granted, and I think no one should. So yes. I see beauty. I see it in my everyday-life and in yours. And honestly, I think once I've realized my awareness, I have found my reason for loving family portraiture. Documenting the mundane and the everyday? It's freaking gold to me. When I see on Facebook or at the Target check-out how a clients baby has grown within just 3 months? Yeah you bet I feel like my job is done. Freezing moments that seem every-day and not fleeting ... Even though they absolutely are, that's just what my job and passion is all about.

Tell your story often, and tell it well. And if you're not up for the challenge yourself, don't fret and ask me. You know I will love every second of documenting you and your babies. And when I say babies I mean any age from 0-39 or whatever. Your children are your babies. Always. ;-)

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