• Serena Burroughs

The Norrie Brothers - A Twin Senior Session in Western Massachusetts

The Norrie Brothers.

The first time for me to photographs twins, funny enough! Their senior session was really fun to me and in the beginning... I was actually a bit intimidated.

With not much experience and a high standard that I have for myself, I wasn't quite sure how to photograph them just right. But as I learned later, that is the fun part at the same time. Letting go of all previous ideas and recipes and just getting to know the two. Once you let go and are able to create freely, that is when awesomeness ensues. I asked myself to forget everything I knew about senior photography, so I could start fresh. We all know the typical shots. Guitars, bikes ... Whatever their hobbies are, people would try and include these things in hopes to capture them in their natural habitat, their true self. While sometimes it makes for kickass shots, I always liked the idea of a certain purity, an absence of anything but the person, my subject. For this session it was clear from the start that I had to realize the character, the energy they each give off every day and get their true self in the shot. The way people know them. It could be a certain gaze, a pose or sometimes that crooked smile that their friends and family love so much about them without realizing. Their natural posture, the way they appear and act everyday.

The key to every great portrait is to see the person for what they are. And work with what they are, no more no less. A great portrait is a lot more than clicking a button, knowing your light and knowing great framing. I didn't always know that, but I do today.

With that I'll leave you now and hope you enjoy! <3