• Serena Burroughs

Olivia's Family - An extended Family Session in Central MA

Sessions like these, my friends ... I adore them to pieces. Why, you ask? Sometimes you want to make sure your parents are present, me for instance ... My family doesn't live close to home and when I do see them, I have my camera out like a paparazzi because I am afraid I might miss out on important memories that otherwise fade with time.

As a photographer I know photos are the perfect memory preserver. But it can be stressful. So I love it when clients ask me if they can bring their parents, or their sister ... You name it.

Not everybody's families live far away, though. They still deserve to be documented all the same however. And when you have a young girl to raise, the village matters A LOT. Ask me to bring your village any time. I live for it and am always happy to get you those photographs, so you don't have to slave behind the camera all day. Plan a small session, get er done. And voilà. You have what you hoped for all while you got to live in the moment. And it wasn't up to you entirely. Here are a few photos of Olivia and her family. I hope you love them as much as I do. :-)