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  • Serena Burroughs

The Gaines Family - A summery Family Session in Central MA

The Gaines Family! The blogging has been irregular lately, but for good reason. So many wonderful couples and families were photographed. So many that I better get caught up, quick! :-) This wonderful family here has been one of the highlights to me. Three girls, two of them twins! You don't always get to photograph such a wild bunch, and while mom and dad were probably thinking: "How on earth are we gonna get any photos in this hot mess?" ... I was having the best time ever! Crazy, wild, fast and untamed ... That's kids. And one of my favorite subjects. You have to win over their hearts to truly be able to photograph their spirit. Their personality. Once you see it peeking through and you get those shots that are true to these little humans, that are still learning how to be a human ... That's a moment of bliss. Once you receive the film scans and see the smiles and the perfectly captured 'run' you asked them to do. Such a win! So while not always "easy", and you may get a work out in ... It is probably the most rewarding type of photography to me. Thank you for trusting me as your photographer, Kate and Nate!

xoxo Serena

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