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  • Serena Burroughs

Christina and Robert - A Wedding at the Salem Cross in West Brookfield, MA

Today I finally get to share with you the beautiful wedding day of Robert and Christina. A day, in the middle of April that was supposed to bring rain. A ceremony and reception that was supposed to be held indoors. With the morning starting out rather promising, there was hope for sunshine and an outdoor ceremony after all! As made my way to the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, in central Massachusetts I saw chairs being put outside! How exciting; or so I thought.

The bride was completely unaware once I arrived and frankly overwhelmed at the change of plans. Her wedding was always meant to be indoors, so this was of course quite a shock to find out about everything being set up for an outdoor wedding. Just moments (!!) before she was supposed to be wed in front of friends and family. Her eyes met mine and they spelled "Help me!", so it was time to have a chat one on one.

Of course changes are terrifying if you have planned this moment for months on end, but knowing my bride, I was certain she would enjoy her special day even more if she got married under the bright blue sky. In beautiful light, with the first blossoms appearing everywhere, tulips rising up from the ground ... Who wouldn't love that? Who wouldn't adore those photographs 20 years later? Certainly this little mishap that turned out to be the most beautiful of mishaps, would always be a fun story to tell, a great memory to visit again and again. At the end of the day, my bride was as confident as ever and rocked her walk down the aisle. Something she was terrified of at first. A beautiful ceremony followed, everything went as planned and the reception left me teary eyed behind that viewfinder of mine. Her son gave the most wonderful speech, hardly a dry eye anywhere. It was an honor being present that day. Being giving this task of photographing such an important part of both of their lives. A union of two loving families. A union of true love, come whatever may. Christina and Robert, I want to congratulate you both one more time and thank you for choosing me as your photographer! It means a lot, and I wish you nothing but the absolute best for your future.

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