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  • Serena Burroughs

Yaitzarie and Michael - An Anniversary Session in Sturbridge, MA

Sharing with you another couple this beautiful morning. (All images were shot on film) As my coffee is brewing and the scent of it is filling my house aaaall the way down to my office, I am typing you these few lines and blinking away my sleepiness. For me it has been a few eventful days. In private and in business. Both good and bad. But sharing with you these photographs of this stunning couple brings such a huge smile back to my face. I can see the experience they've had taking these photographs. The fun, how they froze, but also how they snuggled to keep warm and give each other comfort in unfavorable conditions. It was below freezing. Brrr ... So as I'm stretching and about to depart to get that first cuppa caffeine, enjoy these two doing what they do best. Love is always the answer, my friends.

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