• Serena Burroughs

Maria and Matthew - A Couple's Session in Central MA

December 30th, 23ºF and a sunrise session. I can only repeat: Thank goodness there was no wind. Ha! Maria and Matthew, a dream couple through and through, decided it was worth braving the cold with me and get up at the buttcrack of dawn to create these sweet, sweet memories ;-)

I can't say that all my clients are this motivated to get their photographs taken, and honestly? I wish more did! Yes, we were cold and freeeeezing. But you know what else? It gave the couple all the more reason to snuggle up and get reeeal close. The genuine love Maria and Matt share always takes me aback. Yup, you guessed it! This hasn't been their first time posing for me. One of the biggest joys I experience as a photographer is again and again; to get to see you again. To see the growth in between sessions and photographs. Some of you gain new tiny little family members, human or canine... Some of you became married since we last saw and some of you celebrate an anniversary. Whatever the reason; seeing you again year after year keeps me grounded. It gives me purpose in knowing that your family memories will be preserved. In albums, in picture frames ... There won't be a moment missed. And that ... that makes me happier than anything else in this career. Thank you Maria and Matthew. For trusting me once again to capture you two just the way you are. For many years to come. It's always an honor and a privilege. xoxo Serena