• Serena Burroughs

Baby E. - A Newborn Session in Central MA

In life, there are hardly things that compare to the first days with your first child. You have just given birth, created life with your mere body, and now get to go home with this little fragile thing. I remember how I thought: "Wait, I get to take him home? He is really mine?", I know I can't be the only one. It's just such a surreal time. It took me quite a while to realize, Hey, I'm a mother now. I also remember I felt everything BUT beautiful the first days, even weeks after welcoming my child into this world. I disliked that. I wanted to feel beautiful again. A shower or just some mascara could do such wonders for me. I remember, I wanted to actually feel like the badass, that people always told me I was. It was hard to see myself as someone that was truly rocking this. I didn't think I was doing a great job, really. Eventually it caught up with me, maybe it was the deployment of my husband, maybe it was just me growing into the mother role, but eventually I got a grip on everything and felt like the amazing mother I wanted to be. Of course there were exceptions, but deep down I knew, this is me now. And I am darn good at it. So why not show that? It's a learning curve, sure, but why not show how truly great we are and what we are able to accomplish? Why not visualize the badassery of these new mothers or second, or third time mothers. Why not visualize not just that, but also the tender little limbs and that squishy face that will already change a week from now. When photographing mothers like Jasmine and her daughter Eyanni, I want to make sure she will remember just how beautiful she is.

We are the most beautiful when we love unafraid. I'm a firm believer of that. And a mother's love? It is something I would love to shoot every single day of my life until I die. It will never get old, it will never not be beautiful. I'm wishing Jasmine and her precious daughter all the best on her incredible new journey of motherhood. I hope you enjoy this session here as much as I enjoyed working on it. <3