• Serena Burroughs

The McGinnis Family - A Family Session in Leominster, MA

Yay! Another wonderful family to brag about, ha! :-D In all seriousness, though ... What great fun it was to document these memories for the McGinnis family. They all came perfectly dressed in some of my favorite hues and turns out it was the perfect choice for this lovely Leominster Orchard.

I have a soft spot for blues and soft off-white tones. The cool green leaves of the apple trees, the cool tones of the grass, the light. Yes, I love my job to where I obsess about things and I see so, so many details others don't even think about. And the so called details in these portraits? They work out. The color palette is what my dreams are made of, the light was to die for and to not talk about technicalities any further ... THIS FAMILY, you guys. Do they have a chemistry or what? They were most likely some of the most easy going and outgoing people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you for trusting me with your family's portraits. :-)