Hello! I am Serena and the face behind the camera. In June 2018 I formed this beautiful business of mine. Serena Burroughs Photography LLC was born and the first step was made. What followed were many many families and weddings I got to document.

I am a German national, born and raised in Lower Saxony, a mother of two, a wife to a veteran of the U.S. Navy and an obsessively passionate photographer. Creativity has been with me since I was a child and I've expressed it in many ways throughout my life. In the end, photography is what truly stuck with me.


You'll find me most happy in a beautiful space, with my kids running free, a bunch of film and my favorite film camera in hand.

I live and breathe photography since I was 16, and a day where I don't get to hold a camera at all, is usually a sad day for me. 

In my 10+ years of experience I have always felt very driven to capture real emotions and true moments. Things that would otherwise get lost during very organized and overly posed sessions. I strive to connect with my clients on a personal level to ensure they can feel comfortable in front of my lens and with me as their photographer. It allows for my subjects to let down their guard a little, which lets me capture genuine heartfelt joy and many candid situations.

I serve all of New England, but the majority of my work is taking place in my state, Massachusetts.


Fun Facts

- obsessed with Star Wars Books

- I listen to heavy metal to unwind (Slipknot, S.O.A.D., Metallica etc.)

- Am bilingual but constantly lose words in both languages. 

- Love learning new things and thrive on new challenges

- Addicted to coffee

- Addicted to shooting film and seeing developed images on scan days

- In very close circles people know me to be a rebel at heart. 

- Will impulse-buy cameras or film if the price is right

- Have a garden fascination like you would not believe. Will save clearance plants at big box stores almost every time. Also have a major love for everything horticulure & permaculture. Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh are my idols. I own more Indoor plants than I can count

Your Lifelong Photographer

They're only little once. And only for a little time.

Understanding the importance, I want to make the process easy for you.

No stress, no confusion -  just someone in your corner from the beginning until the end, until you hold that album in your hands. A tangible product, to show your grandchildren one day.

I will urge you to step into the frame with your kids and tell you how cute you all look. I'll be there to give you confidence, even when you don't feel it yourself just yet.

May your kids be 14 days old, or 30 years old.

It doesn't matter. I'll be there for every stage. 

Simply think of me, as your lifelong photographer.



Meet the Team

If I need to try out a new location or take test shots to try out new equipment - my crew is there to help.

They get paid in chocolate and dollar bills - and are always ready to rock and roll with me. These two train me daily to be the best family photographer I can possibly be, and keep me on my toes.



6 years old with the humor to match.

Likes helping daddy with his classic car restorations ever since he could hold a wrench. Steps in as a model if the pay is good or when we go on a hike after. 

Master negotiator. Also a Master Lego-builder that regularly shocks with his elaborate vehicular creations.



3 years old and serious trouble. A force of nature. Looks cute, and knows it.

Will work for chocolate or ice cream. Heavily opinionated.

Will turn from wild banshee to cuddle bug in 3 seconds.

Gives the best back rubs in the house.

Looking to have your family photographed this year?

Contact me to reserve your date!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my session be revealed to me?

After your session, we will meet again. Either at my office, at your place - or a suitable coffee shop. I will lay down up to 40 8x10 prints on the table for you to see, touch and order from. It is incredibly special to see your session in print right off the bat opposed to a computer or TV screen. Once you've taken it all in, we can figure out what you'd like to order from there. If you've selected a collection at the time of booking, this is the perfect time to figure out which photos should go into your album, linen box, or become your 16x24 metal print.

How soon after the session is the reveal?

A fair turnaround time is always a priority to me. Normally you can expect a wait of one to two weeks and during the busier time, toward fall I would say no longer than 4 weeks.

How can I pay for my session?

I accept Credit Cards or Cash.

Do you accept payment plans?

Absolutely! I accept pre-payment plans of up to 6 months in advance. So you can choose to pre-pay and get a bonus (yay!) or you can pay in full at the reveal session, after your order form has been filled out and signed.

When and how will I receive my ordered products?

Typically I meet clients 2-3 weeks after the reveal in my office again, where they will see their order for the first time in person, and then take them home from there. If special circumstances arise, shipping is also available.

How long have you been a photographer?
Over 10 years! I have an extensive background in fashion and commercial photography and know my way around photoshop, and posing. I pride myself on knowing how to create a safe and comfortable environment for my clients so that emotional and meaningful moments can unfold naturally in front of my camera. Drawing from over 10 years of experience is what makes this seamless to me and my clients.

How can I learn more about your rates and availability?
That's easy! Just get in touch with me here. Tell me a time that works for you, and I'll call you as soon as I can to chat about availability and of course pricing. I will also outline what a session looks like with me so you hopefully have no questions left after our call. These phone calls shouldn't last more than 10-15 minutes.


How much do people usually spend?

Aside from the sitting fee of about $380-$550, the average spent in products is at about $2,200. The sitting fee is dependent on whether you book a weekday- or weekend sitting, and also whether you schedule a studio- or location session.



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